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        CUP PLUGS

        Cup Plugs are also referred to as freeze plugs, drawn cups, cups or plugs. They are commonly used to plug holes which may be part of an item's design requirement. To be effective, the plugs need to be dimensionally consistent and easy to install. They can be made of any metal such as steel, brass or aluminum.

        Cup Plugs are cost effective at pennies per piece, (based on size, volume and precision required). They are simple in design, but precise in nature since they are slightly larger than the hole into which they fit. They are pressed into the mating part and must stay in place during the life of the application. We are accustomed to manufacturing these plugs to a close tolerance (0.001 inches or 0.025 mm). We ship approximately one million of them per week!

        Parts can be case hardened to increase holding power for a press fit, or electroplated for visual error proofing.